Membership Information

Our Aim
Our aim is to encourage, improve and advance beekeeping through membership of our group.
Advantages of membership include:
• Talks by invited speakers on a wide range of beekeeping topics 
• Workshops e.g. checking for Nosema apis and N.ceranae
• Association apiary meetings
• Monthly newsletters
• Third party and product liability insurance
• Insurance against loss form bee diseases
• Equipment hire
• Association library
• Discounted subscriptions for Beekeepers Quarterly and Bee Craft
• Theoretical and practical course for beginners
Possibly the most important benefit is the opportunity to exchange views and learn from the experience of other beekeepers.
Membership Types
Full Membership :- includes  British Beekeepers Association capitation fee, giving benefit of BBKA membership and third party insurance; and £2 Bee Disease Insurance for 3 hives (additional payment required for more than 3 hives).
Full members are encouraged to register with The National Bee Unit on BeeBase
Associate Membership :- for beginners without bees and those embarking on the Beginner's Course; beekeepers who are a full member of another beekeeping association; spouse/partner of full member; retired beekeepers; anyone who wishes to support beekeeping.
Schools Membership:- We also offer support to local Schools through our Schools membership scheme. Please contact the Membership Secretary for further information.
Membership applications and renewals
New People looking to join GBKCIO
Please email the membership secretary at
stating if you are a New applicant, and he will email you a starters pack with additional information and membership application forms.
Membership renewal
For membership renewal, please email Matt, the mebership secretary who will forward you a link to follow.
Important information
For a copy of the Constitution or Articles of Association:
Membership fees and rates:
GBKcio Privacy Statement (GDPR)
GBKCIO Systems improvements
To keep you updated and to avoid any confusion, Gwent Beekeepers are updating the background systems that help us manage our groups membership, communications and administration.

This is to simplify our work load and also comply to the latest legislation. In addition we are in the process of upgrading our email to reduce our trustees from using their own email to an improved service. We are also working on updating our Website to increase what we can share and help promote our education programmes.

We have started issuing membership renewal requests through the British Beekeepers Association's membership system.
• This will have the description: Action Required : GBK CIO Online Renewal Application 2021 - member: ##.#.####
• The email will be from: Gwent Beekeepers' CIO

If you have any concerns please contact Matt and Nicky Williams who are our Treasurer and Membership Secretary's
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