In-School sessions

Gwent Beekeepers CIO are supportive to our local schools. Our members are willing to come out to your school and talk to your pupils about the importance of bees and beekeeping in general. They can even bring live bees into the class room at certain times of the year.

Please contact the Secretary for further information, membership details and resources that we can offer.
School Membership
We can also offer "School Membership" to GBKCIO and the British Beekeepers Association has a project dedicated to "Bees in Schools"
Please contact the secretary for membership details:
School Resources
We produce a number of posters and educational material that could be useful to assist teachers with their lessons on bees.

Below you'll find some resource files and ideas that we have collected together that you may find useful. Copywrite is as per document and any document that is from GBKCIO that is published here you are welcome to use for educational purposes.

In exchange for using these resources, all we ask is for some feedback from you, telling us how you used these files and how they could be improved or even if there is something you would like to see. Please send an email to the secretary


Filename Date Size
how-honey-is-made-a-_5-7_honey_extended.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:39:1018.47MB
whats-the-buzz_-7-11_honey_intro.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:39:075.67MB
labelled_diagram_bee-a-_5-11_honey_intro.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:39:057.31MB
the-colour-of-honey-a-_5-11_honey_intro.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:39:033.11MB
how-honey-is-made-b-_7-11_honey_extended.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:594.73MB
honey-throughout-history_7-11_honey_extended.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:544.97MB
get-the-buzz_5-7_honey_intro.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:5411.59MB
honey-riddle-cards_7-11_honey_intro.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:512.65MB
glossary_5-11_honey_intro-10.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:477.49MB
from-the-hive-to-you_5-7_honey_extended.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:446.46MB
honey-facts_7-11_honey_intro.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:443.77MB
honey-rating-guide-taste_5-11_honey_extended.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:43710.87kB
h_i_ve-bee_n-busy_certificates_5-11_honey_extended.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:425.41MB
honey-rating-guide-colour_5-11_honey_extended.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:39704.89kB
honey-at-home_5-11_honey_intro.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:36890.63kB
did-you-know_5-7_honey_intro.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:322.07MB
crossword_7-11_honey_extended (1).pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:293.42MB
crossword_7-11_honey_extended.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:293.42MB
development_5-11_honey_intro.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:292.85MB
bee_spotter_5-7_honey_intro.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:282.93MB
bee_detective_7-11_honey_intro.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:282.77MB
beemaker_5-7_honey_intro.pdfApril 05 2020, 11:38:272.62MB
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