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Hello all

Hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas.  Just a quick update on the site:  Ground works are progressing but the weather has hindered progress.  The construction lorry parking area is hardcored and they are working on the road down to the building, the last time I went by.  Top soil is being placed on the south edge of the apiary site.  When they start levelling where the building is to be, that soil is to be used to level the apiary as well.  Hence we are some time away from being able to plant a hedge around the apiary.  As soon as we are ready we will let you know.

The building has been ordered from Passmores for delivery in the week of the 15th March.  Roy Watkins - the carpenter has been booked for that week.  Please note that week in your diary if you feel you can help lift and hold  wall panels.

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2020.


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