Advanced training

Further Education

Once you have completed and achieved the basic beekeeping standard, you can then further advance your knowledge by studying specific subject modules or practical assesments.
Junior Certificate
General husbandry
Advanced Husbandry
Bee Health Certificate
Bee Breeding certificate
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BBKA Modules

Modular Examination subjects:-
M1 - Module 1: Honey Bee Management

M2 - Module 2: Honey Bee Products & Forage

M3 - Module 3: Pest, Diseases & Poisoning

M4 - Module 4: withdrawn

M5 - Module 5: Honey Bee Biology

M6 - Module 6: Honey Bee Behaviour

M7 - Module 7: Selection & Breeding of Honey Bees

M8 - Module 8: Honey Bee Management, Health & History
BBKA Guide to Beekeeping
The BBKA Guide to Beekeeping introduces the reader to beekeeping, including topics on the workings of the colony, the structure of a hive, how to acquire bees and keep them healthy and what happens in each month in a beekeeping year.
GBKCIO members can assist through organising study groups and providing help and document resources for your studies.

This web site has a number of resources and documents that can help with your studies. Registered members have access to a number of training documents in the Education pages.

BBKA Assesments

Due to the Pandemic that has been effecting all walks of life, all assesments have been put on hold.

BBKA have, however, been looking into the possibility of on-line assesments and has done a lot of work in this area.

Please check back regularly on the following link for news...
If you would like to book an assesment then please email John Adams who is GBKCIO's Examamination Officer and has the responsibilty of booking all of the GBKCIO assesments with BBKA.
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