The Study Centre Story

A long journey

The Dream

Having our own study centre and teaching apiary - on our own land - is the fulfilment, not only of many years of planning and countless hours of discussion, but also of the dreams of our most longstanding members!

Moreover, it is the ignition of a promise for the future to encourage, train and support whole new generations of beekeepers in south east Wales.

Benefits of our new study centre

More beekeepers encouraged, trained, supported and extended

Better facilities for teaching, learning and beekeeping

Inclusion of prospective and existing disabled beekeepers

Enabling of visits by community groups such as schools, W.I.s, Y.F.C.s etc.

Higher standards of hygiene, education

Greater opportunity for long term investment in facilities

Secure facilities, storage and land-holding

Regular weekly meetings hosted to facilitate supportive discussion and studying for BBKA exams

Wider range of courses, demonstrations and workshops enabled

Specialist services such as microscopy, disease diagnosis, pollen identification etc.

Cooperative purchasing enabled through better storage and access


The key funding for this project has come from generous donations. It is through the donations of capitol, materials and volunteers that has made this project possible.
Donations gratefully received so far:

Private donation for the purchase of the land
National Grid
Garfield Weston Foundation
The National Lottery Heritage Fund
Monmouthshire Building Society
Prince of Wales Charitable Fund
Western Power
Monmouthshire County Council
Hewlett Packard Foundation
The Florence Shute Millennium Trust
Woodland Trust
Usk Farmers Club
Knauf Insulation
Rockwool Insulation


This project has built and strengthened our community. This bodes well for channeling that enthusiasm and team-strength towards the challenge of recruiting, encouraging, training and supporting even more beekeepers in our next chapter.
Phase #1
In the first Phase of the construction of the Study Centre we had to look at the layout of the building, location within the field, planning applications and design.
Phase 2
With the building now weather proof the floors laid and the majority of the internal walls in place; Phase 2 started to engineer and construct the internal finishes and start on acquiring essential equipment.
Phase 3 - Finishing
In addition to the Study Centre itself, we are planning on having an additional Apiary storage facility where beehive components can be stored. We have already had the base put down and are now looking at the shed design itself.

The Holden Apiary and Study Centre

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The Holden Apiary & Study Centre
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