On a more local note please feel free to reach out to your local association if you are in need of some assistance to look after your bees. Please contact us as we can help or you have any questions. Please email us on






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Swarm information
Please note that a swarm of honey bees consists of a mass of bees in a cluster the size of a rugby ball. 
A honey bee is small and can vary in colour from golden brown to almost black.

If you see only a few insects, they are probably not honey bees - and certainly not a swarm. They may be wasps, bumbles bees, solitary bees or hornets rather than honey bees, which Gwent Beekeepers CIO are unable to collect or remove.  However, if you think you have found a swarm of honey bees, please contact one of the Swarm Liaison Officers listed below, who will arrange for the swarm to be collected. Or if you know of a local beekeeper to whom they might belong, contact the beekeeper.
We often get asked about Bumble Bees nests. Please take a look at this link for further information:
Wasps, Hornets and other pests
GBKCIO do not offer a service for the removal of wasps, hornets or other pests.

Monmouthshire County Council stopped their pest control services back in 2014.
Yellow Pages has the details and numbers of a number of Pest and Vermin control compaines.
Unfortunatly GBKCIO can not endorse any of the services or Companies listed.
Honey Bee Swarm Collectors
Please use the interactive map below to find the contact details of a swarm collector near you.
These people are all volunteers and will not be able to undertake building work or collect swarms from un-accessible locations.
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