The Holden Apiary & Study Centre

The Future

Future Plans

The Study Centre has been built with one aim in mind, which is to further the welfare of the Honeybee through the education of new and experenced beekeepers in the art of beekeeping.
Live demonstrations
With the patio doors in one wall of the lecture room, we are hoping to be able to show those people who cannot wear a bee suit the fun of working a live hive of bees. The bees can be placed in their hive outside of the patio doors while the students can watch from the safety of the inside of the building.

Lecture Room

With 58sq meters of floor space we are going to be able to hold classes to teach beekeeping. When COVID-19 allows, we are going to be returning to running regular topical lectures by special invited speakers. Not only do the new Beekeepers benefit from these sessions but we also promote the attendance of the more senior beekeepers in the Association. Who says you can't teach an old beekeeper new tricks!

Storage area / Workshop

We are planning to use this area as a workshop area as well as a storage area. With the potential increase in the number of hives in the Holden Apiary, we are going to need a reasonable workshop space to be able to construct bee hives from kits and assemble frames ready for the spring.

Honey Extraction

With the stainless steel work surfaces, easily cleanable walls and floor, the ambition is to provide a 5 star honey extraction facility that can be used by the Association and its members to extract and bottle honey.

Without the wrappings

With the stainless steel worktops over the appliences.
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