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Update 2nd April 2020


Dear All,

Please find updated Covid-19 beekeeping guidance with official logos for England, Wales and Scotland.  The updated guidance has an amended paragraph which reads:


There are currently no restrictions on movements of bee colonies that you are managing, such as moving bees to fulfil pollination contracts. However, you should observe the public health guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when carrying out these activities, including the guidance on social distancing and essential travel.


• Covid-19_and_Beekeeping_Update_v2

• Covid-19_and_Beekeeping - Welsh_Language_Version v2

The above guides are issued by:

Cofion cynnes,

National Bee Unit.

Yr Uned Wenyn Genedlaethol.



**We suggest that beekeepers needing to visit out apiaries carry either a paper or electronic copy of the guidance in case the Police ask them to justify their journey**


Please stay safe and take care,

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