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Taster Sessions

GBK offer a "taster session" to anyone who wants to experience what it's like to handle bees. We'll provide you with a bee suite and gloves and take you in to see a live colony of bees. You'll experience first hand what it is like to handle a colony of bees and learn some of the basics of beekeeping.


Sessions are normally about two hours and gives the individual that unique experience to see if beekeeping is for you.


Attending one of these sessions is a pre-requisite  to attending our basic beekeeping course.


The only equipment you are request to bring is a pair of welly boots, which provide excellent foot and ankle protection, marigold gloves and a cap.


Please email the for details of the next session and to put your name on the list to attend.

Please mention any allergies or allergic reactions that you may have suffered from in the past when you have been stung by an insect. (Not just bees) This is only precautionary as there is only a small chance that you may get stung during one of our sessions.


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