The Study Centre Construction

Phase 3

Phase 3

Phase 3, which has already started, is focussing on upgrading our educational and bee husbandry equipment, landscaping the grounds, providing exterior storage and putting the building into use.
Items which have been planned for phase 3 include:
1) Finish lighting and electrical circuits
2) Install fire alarm system
3) With the electrical system completed we can lay the loft insulation
4) Storage shed, plan, order and erect
5) Painting

Additional Storage shed

This concrete base is laid ready for the additional storage shed and beehive cleaning and processing area.

Study Centre

The current layout of the Study Centre


To help with security and with overhead projector pictures all the windows have been fitted with roller blinds.

Hand Rails

The layout of the building and the facilities provided have been put in with wheel chair users in mind.
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